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Resonances of the Raj

There is also a fascinating companion website which has images, musical excerpts and sound files that enhance the reading experience!  Have you ever read an 'academic' book and when encountering the musical examples, thought " Why can't someone furnish audio excerpts for these?!" This website does exactly that, along with vivid colour illustrations which in the printed book could only be published as greyscale images.

Resonances Companion Website

 “This pioneering book on a new subject is to be highly recommended.” – Raymond Head, BBC Music
Magazine: BBC Music Books Choice, November 2014.

"While the meaning of music may be elusive, Resonances of the Raj proves that it can definitely tell us something about history. And that history is immeasurably improved by this thoughtful consideration of Anglo-Indian musical intersections" - Bennett Zon, Journal of British Studies, September 2015.

" The quality and extent of the research presented is impressive" - Joanna Heath, Music and Letters, May 2015.

Reviews for Resonances of the Raj: 

Nalini Ghuman

Author / Musicologist / Performer

 "Resonances of the Raj is a good read, full of illuminating touches… While printed books on music last, this
is the way to do them."
Andrew Blake, Times Higher Education, October 2014.

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